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Help Needed - Budget set but what to get?

Gimmicks Dec 2, 2012

  1. Gimmicks

    Gimmicks Registered User

    Hi, I have a 2006 A3 with the standard Single Din Concert Stereo. I want to upgrade due to its lack of features but am very novice when it comes to what I can have and what is any good.

    I have set a budget of £350.00 and my wishlist in order of priority is
    1. DAB Radio - Commute for 1½ hrs a day and enjoy a bit of Talksport etc so Dab seems a good way to go, I have checked my postcode and am in a good reception area.
    2. Look & Feel - I do like the OEM look, but know I cant have it all! But something that goes red like the rest of my dash would be nice and not look too stand out on the dash.
    3. MP3/USB - Sick of burning 1 album to cd so something that can read a data disk/usb would be nice.
    They are the main bits, I do have an iphone so something that worked with that would be cool, but not really needed.

    Really looking for an idea, of what I can get, I went on Halfords site, and it started talking about RCA out and Bose etc... Lost me a bit.


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  3. JohnE

    JohnE 2005 A3 Sport 1.6 FSI

    I've changed the head unit in mine (2005 sport) for a long obsolete Grundig unit but it has Dab via a separate matching Grundig box - one good thing is that it has adjustable colours - so I set it to red.

    I use a cassette adpator for iphone - bit cheap but it works and advantage is no scrote wants to nick the stereo as it's so old.

    You might want to consider an add on - there's and Alpine one with Dab and iPod that will let you leave your Audi headunit where it is

    Digital Radio (DAB) | Advanced In Car Technologies
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  4. slimx

    slimx Registered User

    RCA Pre-Outs and what not are when you want to get involved with Amplifiers, if u arent looking for a sound system and ure only looking to just change the head unit then it isn't important.

    Bose, when you see and if you have a budget, just turn around lol.
  5. AndyMac

    AndyMac Active Member

    I have a Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB HU but they're discontinued now, you can pick them up on ebay for £70. Has DAB, supports MP3 CD and AUX in and memory card. You will need to add a glass mount aerial as the internal DAB aerials are a total waste of time.
    It uses the same plug configuration as the Audi HU so no wiring adapters needed.
    You do need to know if a replacement HU has RCA's or not as this dictates which wiring adapter you need to get to feed the rear amp (or Bose amp if you have Bose).

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