Help need a part


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Hi im wondering if anyone has a red plug same one used on the fog light same one like this lying around. I know its a long shot

preferably with as much cable as possible as im wiring up an extra switch

Thanks in advance

Broken Byzan

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Ask Lee, i left a length of cable on the rear of the ESP switch in the SET.You do know its not an on/off type switch don't you?

It's a monentary switch and as such will need either a OE relay (around £40) or some magic relay/electronics to use an OEM switch


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i have the click on/off bit just need the red plug with some cable


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Bump^^^^ anyone got one or going to a scrappy been to 4 already no joy all cut off or burnt out ;( the part number is 4B0 971 636B also Audi dont have any and its on back order from Germany :faint: