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help me buy one

slimx Dec 20, 2012

  1. slimx

    slimx Registered User

    Okay guys im in the market for one of these A3 8P's looking at the 2004 - 2005 models. 1.6L Petrol.

    I'm completely new to ALL EUROPEAN vehicles, but i know my cars, please feel free to get technical with me.

    Some questions i have:
    • What to look for in these models when buying them??. Every car has it's problems, be it rust spots, or common problems (mechanical or body).

    • When is the major service due on this particular model? Just want to be safe.. might purchase one with high k's but newer model

    • Now i might get stuck with the 2 GRILLE model, I don't really want to go for the S-Line front end conversion it'll take too much of my time as well as make me feel like a "wannabe".
    I've been doing some reading based on this.. ABT Front Panel Cover? It makes it look like a single grille (much nicer in my opinion) the S Line is like a .. i dontk now "Chev badge on a Commodore" (im sure most Australian users will know what i mean by this..)

    And this ABT Front panel, apparently isn't available anymore. Unless you can find the existing ones laying around, im in Turkey so i don't think i'll have much luck. So i've been looking for alternatives around EUROPE. Found it in Australia but it costs way to much to post..
    RS HONEY-COM STYLE FRONT Black Chrome GRILLE FOR AUDI A3 8P 05-08 | Mars Performance
    can anyone provide me a little info regarding this, what i could do? (im on a budget).


    Performance mods wise.. the link below has a chip that adds 20 HP? that isn't bad just for a chip. Sounds a lil bogus though..
    ABT Sportsline car configurator
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  3. slimx

    slimx Registered User

    Bump. Cmon anyone buying tips atleast??
  4. Paul76R

    Paul76R Registered User

    My first bit of advice would be pretty much any other engine other than a 1.6. Its too under powered in the A3. Go for a 2.0 either TFSi or TDi. Also most 1.6's come with poverty spec.
  5. plymouthaudi

    plymouthaudi Registered User

    If you are looking to spend money on chipping the 1.6 etc I would recommend as above go for a 2.0 fsi tdi that sort of thing using the money you would spend on modding the 1.6 to be quicker. That's my advice I have been there had a 1.6 just not enough power then I had a 1.8t a noticeable about of extra power. I now drive a 2.0 tdi. That's my penny's worth but everyone has there own expectations on what they want hope this helps.
  6. slimx

    slimx Registered User

    My old car was so fast that .. now every car seems dead slow to me. I will post that up in the other makes thread one day when i have time .. you'll be shocked lol.

    I drove the 1.8L and the 1.6L and felt little difference, perhaps cause the 1.8 was a deisel? they both had dreadful take off, im in istanbul so its alot of traffic theres atleast 8 million cars on the road.
    2L is VERY expensive here (10k difference) i just cant afford it.

    Regarding the poverty spec, over here they actually sell the 1.6L with an S Line option. (Seats body bose etc.) the 1.8 doesnt come with this option thats why i was turned off by it..

    Im not planning to perform a lot of performance modifications, im actually more keen on Air Ride suspension, which is a very affordable option suprisingly over here just the controllers pricey and thats only cause im getting a brand name controller. I'm going to get Smart Tint and what not too .. i gotta fair few plans i think they're all much more suitable for the 1.6L as i said ive prioritised the leather seats and bose system etc.

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