Help identifying this noise


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Sounds like your pcv unless it's your aux belt I would go pcv

Thanks for your reply. It seems to happen more once the car is warmed up, is more obvious when decelerating / coming to a standstill and mostly seems to happen when turning off the ignition after using the car for a while.

After Googling a bit more I can't find any videos showing the same noise but plenty pointing to similar issues so will give it a try, Cheers!


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So the dealers want £140 per hour for investigation and the same again for repair, so am looking at £300 before I've even started for a niggle (it's a bit noisy but doesn't seem to be affecting performance currently)

I've uploaded another video, note the 3 clicks after the whining noise finishes? This also happens quite often so am wondering does this also point to the PCV being faulty?

I've put it into a (non audi) Indie who couldn't resolve the issue at the same time as the service/cam but if it's likely the PCV I could ask them to go ahead and replace it.

Any help appreciated.


I'd guess the whining is a pressure leak whistle, and the 3 clicks are over run (timing\fuel issue caused by the pressure leak - maybe the turbo manifold gasket). £300 is too steep & I'd have thought any Indy worth using would be able to find & fix the fault without too much difficulty! A 2ft piece of garden hose makes a great stethoscope.

Try taking it to someone else. Where are you located?
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