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Help identifying correct front subframe

Obliquegeek Apr 30, 2018

  1. Obliquegeek

    Obliquegeek New Member

    Hi all,

    Looking for a bit of assistance with the front subframe on my S4, that currently needs replacing as it's rusted pretty badly.

    I'm not clear on the differences between the part numbers and which will fit - would be great is someone could point me in the right direction.

    From what I gather the part number should be 8E0399313BG, but I'm currently unable to find one - the only ones I've come across are 8E0399313M or 8E0399313BN, but I think these are for the tip rather than the manual. Can anyone advise on this? If that's right, will they definitely not fit?

    Any help/advice appreciated.

    Or if anyone is, or knows of someone, breaking an S4, that might be useful. I'd rather not have to buy new from Audi, but it's looking that way at the moment.

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