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Gordon Stewart

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Help everyone, my wife has a 58 reg 1.8tfsi s line with 83k on it, over the past 6 weeks the engine management light has been coming on, I have a cheap code reader and reset it but about every 10 days it would come back on. Tge code I got was P0171 system to lean bank 1, I took it to a friend who has a better reader and he also pulled a code of P0171 and also code P119A intermittent, G247 fuel pressure sensor . The car runs fine and pulls really well, sometimes you can hear a little flutter through the exhaust but you can’t feel anything. When looking at the engine when running you can see sometimes there is s slight miss or something as it moves slightly although you do not feel this in the car and does not show in rev counter . The thing I have noticed is that the mpg is way down. Please can anyone help if they have had the same problem or have knowledge of this. Many many thanks, Gogs


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I have had your first fault , i removed my Maf and gave it blow and then replaced it and it has cleared . It was my emission icon thst came on when i had the fault .