Help Engine Turns over but non start


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Nov 9, 2013
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Evening all having a bit of a problem with my A4 B7 avant 2.0tdi, went out to the car the other night after not using it for a week and a half about 2 degrees outside tried to start it and was a very slow turn over followed by the click of the starter so battery off and on charge, fully charged put battery on the next day. Engine turns over but will not start and battery gone flat again but before it went flat I checked to see it was getting fuel at the filter when the ignition is on it gives a little squirt of fuel and when turning the engine over fuel flows, so it’s getting fuel, also checked the relay under the ecu swapped out for another I had and still no start ?

any tips would be much appreciated or anything to check, I feel the battery is maybe past it’s best so going to test at work tomorro and get a new one if it’s low.

cheers guys