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Help: driveshaft clunk- lateral play

T07 Jun 4, 2018

  1. T07

    T07 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Developed a clunk in the front end over rough roads. Have checked bushes and the link and they don’t look too bad. However, when I move the driveshaft laterally ie towards the wheel and back towards the engine I hear pretty much the same knock. There’s no noticeable rotational play and no knocks etc driving apart from on bumps in the road.

    I’m thinking the outer cv joint has dried up and needs repacking with grease? Any ideas? I’ve checked the 17mm axle bolt and it’s tight and the inner bolts appear to be tight but haven’t got at them to check.

    It’s a a4 avant sline. Brd 6 speed manual.

    Any ideas?

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  3. OliNix

    OliNix Active Member

    If I remember correctly only the inboard joint should plunge, so if they are both plunging you have a problem...

    Have you checked the wheel bearing for play? There should be no movement in the outboard joint axially. The boot may have split and the joint worn.

    1) check for any boot splits (grease doesn’t dry out but it does leak)
    2) check to see where the free play is coming from exactly. It could also be spline wear.

    You can get complete replacement joint kits for under £100
  4. T07

    T07 New Member

    Will check the bearing later then for play.

    No sign of a split boot that I can see but will get a better look when I check the bearing. Dont think it’s spline wear as there’s no rotational play.
  5. T07

    T07 New Member

    So no sign of play in the hub bearing. Replaced the anti roll bar links and bushes on the off chance it was them but still a clunk.

    Any ideas before I leave it to a garage? Thanks
  6. boffin486

    boffin486 Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro S-line owners group

    Howabout the TOP arm balljoints? The two at the top of the suspension upright - common for these to go 'loose' causing play/ possible clonking noises.
    Not the quickest of fixes if thats the case (as it entails getting the 'dreaded' pinch bolt out - but worth checking) - there should be no play/movement - get someone to move the steering whilst you 'feel' & watch the joints - any play will be noticable visually & also felt as knocking/clicking in the joint with your fingers on them. :yes:
    I had to change them on my B6 for this reason.

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