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HELP!! DPF issues

KINGHORN Nov 14, 2018


    KINGHORN Member

    Hello, I have a 2007 a3 8p 2.0tdi 170 slime Quattro and a few weeks ago the DPF light came on then the dreaded glow plug. Tried a cleaning solution then when that didn’t work plugged it in got the usual bank 1 below threshold. Got terraclean out to do a clean and they said I needed a bake. At 300 quid I thought better of it. Put it in my local independant who have managed to get it from 72g of soot down to 0.5g.

    DPF light has stayed on and car is still in limp mode.

    New pressure sensor fitted which made no difference. He has said that the sensor is sending back 0.5v and it should only be sending back 0.1v

    Can anyone help!! Car ain’t worth much but I love it

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