Help, Does Anybody Know This Car


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I,m just wondering whether or not any one knows this car? or indeed its owner?
Reg No: 333 UYB
Its an S4 2.7 Biturbo, B5 platform a 2001 car in Dolphin Grey "i think thats what the colour is called?"
The car is currentky sat at a specialist dealers and if i,m not mistaken has been replaced by an RS4, in Red again a B5 2.7 Biturbo, the owner of the afore mentioned S4 looks to have himself an upgrade and a tidy S4 has released itself for sale,
The S4 looks very tidy, i just wanted to do the customary checks before i go and view the car with its previous owner, "if its possible" i just thought that any one follwing such a vehicle may frequent a place such as this,
Heres hoping,
any help would be much apreciated,



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Hi there, cant say I've heard of the car myself, but if you've done all the normal checks and it sounds good, go for it !


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I,ve yet to clap eyes on it, the private plates off the car now so when i see it i,m gonna get the reg and check with a mate at the local dealers as to what its had in its life service wise etc,
The advert says "Full & Extensive History" my only hope is that he got rid of the S4 because he couldnt keep the cravings for an RS4 at bay, and not because the turbo's needed replacing, if you know what i mean?

I rang the bloke the other day who is selling the car and i got the impression he thought i was being underhand asking for the VRN, when he didnt give me it i asked for the chassis number, understandable really,

Apart from the obvious is there anything else i need to be aware of when buying or looking at one? as its a 2001 car its the facelifted model, its got recaro's and carbon, and is as far as i,m aware in standard form,

I will keep you posted, hopefully i,ll have it in the bag if its a good un.


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Hi , as you can see i have only just registered on this site so my reply is a little late.
That is my old car that i p/exd for my RS4 that is why the plate has been changed.
One thing i noticed was when he advertised the S4 he said it was a 51 plate car which of course it is not.
If you bought the car and want anymore info feel free to contact me.