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Help! Car Applied FULL breaks on its own

Okitoo Jun 27, 2018

  1. Okitoo

    Okitoo New Member

    Hi All,
    I have an Audi A6 2.8FSI quattro 2011 with 75k km on it.
    Was driving normally about 40-50 km/h and i was the only one in the street (good luck) its sunny and dry road.
    Suddenly the car applied full breaks for half a second, scared the **** out of me, a message appeared on the dashboard and disappeared, i couldn't catch it but there was something about "break pedal" ... couldn't read the rest because it was gone, then the car drove normally.
    I was driving from home to a repair shop to fix the wheel (there's a nail in it) the moment i was driving all the wheels had the optimum tire pressure (checked and added air before leaving home).

    I am glad this didn't happen at higher speeds on the autobahn (usually drive between 180-240 km/h).
    Anyone had this issue before? or might know what is the reason?

    Also the car was parked for 2 years. i changed the gearbox oil (basically i lost the gearbox oil while driving one day) and the engine oil (right when i purchased it) should i have flushed the break fluid as well ? might that be a reason? (this is the first time it does that since i purchased it 2000km ago)
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  3. Okitoo

    Okitoo New Member

    anyone ?

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