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Hi I might be buying an a5 1.8tfsi for VERY cheap the seller lives in Exeter (4hrs away) and says that she is selling it this price because she just had a divorce and it was her ex husbands car and wants it gone. She says she will only sell through eBay and that the shipping is free as last buyer paid for shipping but cancelled as he didn't have enough money. She said eBay give me 5 days to inspect the car and then decide if I want it not not. Could this be too good to be true????


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Inspect, check vin, check finance, make sure not stolen, if its all above board then why not, but be very wary of course.


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Hi mate,

Make sure you do a HPI check first.

Go to and you'll need vin and the V5 document.

Have a look on auto trader as there is some great buying tips.


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Be warey , that it's still not owned by Her ex and she's trying to sell it without him knowing......Name on the V5 does not make that person the owner...


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Worse still, it might be a lease car! Would definitely recommend the HPI check. Also tell her that you'd like the husband's phone number so that you can ask about fuel economy or something. If she refuses and/or gets stroppy then walk away!


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I want to know.........