HELP Bonnet wont open

Paul A

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Help im a newbie , well sort of. i have just purchased an a4 1.8T 2006. The bonnet slammed shut harder than usuall , didnt help the gas strut is naff. Any how went to release pull the lever but there was no tension there. The cable waas visible so tried pulling it with pliars , to no avail and after a good yank it snapped . Now im in a dilema. I chocked the front wheel offside and removed the plastic sh1t shield away but thats about it. Ive tried putting a cxrow bar under front and giving lite force but its not going to work., Any help would be gratefull. Maybe remove the grill? i dont know>???? does anyone


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Your car looks to be a B7, so its in the wrong forum. Same bonnet latch as a B6 though. I'd imagine the cable either popped out or snapped. Here is a video I found on google. Hopefully it helps. Its going to be a ball ache to free that latch. Not sure if removing the grille will help or not. I actually just replaced the bonnet cable on my B6 A4 (a bit of a ball ache, but not too difficult).



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Removing the grill won’t help at all on a cab. If there is no tension on the cable you can get under the car at the front and with a strong bent small hook you can move the lock mechanism. It took me about an hour and lots of swearing....