HELP Audi A6 2013 electrical issues


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I was driving along the other day and was slowing down when a load of warnings lights flashed up
-start stop malfunction
-parking brake malfunction
-tyre pressure malfunction

upon looking these errors up I have seen it mentioned that this could be a sign of a faulty battery. I managed to take my car to a garage and they are saying upon scanning the car they couldn’t determine the fault but it could be an abs sensor or loose wire from the d/S front wheel. Basically I do not want them to charge me for something which is simply a battery change

anyone had this issue before?


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This is my dash


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A poor battery condition can cause this issue, but so can a number of other things as well, including lowered suspension, changed windscreen, faulty parking sensor, faulty camera, faulty abs sensor, sensor misalignment or out of calibration. Not sure I’ve heard of the low tire pressure one before.

Was the garage you took it to an Audi Dealer?

Really needs a proper scan and diagnostic to find the culprit causing the issue. One item failure causes a cascade of other failures which is probably what happened with yours
I think you get all those when an abs sensor goes down.

I've had 2 go in 5 years and the first time it looks like everything is broken.

A quick scan with vcds should show if its an abs sensor