Help audi 2010 won't start no ignition lights

michael swain

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Have a 2010 audi won't start no reds on dashow no interior lights only thing comes up on dash is electronic hand brake no com's with immob or engine ecu radio working won't open the car from remote either checked all fuses main fuses wiring to bcm at rear in boot and checked wiring to one at drivers kick panel


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maybe your battery is too low? do you have a multimeter hanging around to measure the volts from the fuses next to the steering wheel? Anything under 11v when the car is off is a sign of a battery reaching its end, any under 9v is likely to be too low to power up most of the modules.
Healthy battery should read 12v when off and 14v when engine is on.


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Do the full headlights work with no key in? Could be the ignition switch?

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