Help and advice needed.

Ali Dülger

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Aug 20, 2015
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hi to every body.

sorry for bad English .

ı am from Turkey .

have a nice 2.0 tfsi stage 2+ seat leon cupra 2008. Revo whid sps and looking for best settings of Fuel timing and Boost for aboute 3 days tried everything. but no luck for now. 966 899 965 877 855 856 857 757 758 676 776. on 776 best 100-200 ı have 10.30.

using polor FİS to see what's happening inside engine and on 776 ı dont have timing retart maybe very few.

we here in Turkey have problems whid fuel so ı am usıng 20% Tolien and adding it to fuel and AEM Wather Methanol kit. to have some thing like 98-99 fuel.

so can you plaese help me to desıde thich setting is the best

I welcome your suggestions