I need some advice on roughly how much my car is worth as i want to sell it and buy a 2011 A3 :yahoo:

but i dont know how much to put it on for. Its costing me about 10k now but i know i wont get that money back.

its a 2007 56plate 1.9 tdi sportback in pearl grey.
iv put a front ABT lip on with fog lights.
rear vortex skirt and side skirts.
ABT exhaust tips

ive lowered it by 35mm all round and put
18" R8 v10 polished alloys

got MY10 rear lights and aftermarket front LED DRL's

iv wraped the interior trims to carbon fibre
and got a RS gear knob with a sport steering wheel.

car has got legal limit tints all round


oh forgot the main part its got 130k on clock:asskicking:
but it has got full audi service history timing belt waterpump everythings been changed....

the previous owner was a company owner and send they were all motorway miles to and from work hence the high mileage...

Ash B

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I'd take every thing off sell them and sell the car as standard. They mods may put people off.
I'd say put it up for £5,500 and await offers.
Auto trader shows this 2007 AUDI A3 1.9 TDi Special Edition
Good to see you stopped saying RS3 body kit :happy:


lol well i had a look on google and it looks more like te AS3 ABT bodykit :)

And i dont really want to take it apart. Cant bare to see that as it is my pride and joy.

Any bit of pocket money i got i spent straight on the car :)

Dont u think i could sell it with the kit and rims on? As it is all genuine parts...


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