HELP Advice re prospective S5 purchase.


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I am going to Tanyard Motors in Manchester on Monday with a view to buying their 2010 S5 convertible. I have read with horror some tales of issues with the gearbox and info system. Would someone please give me advice on what to check and how. The car has 5 prev owners, 4 Audi services and the last 2 by independent garages, not Audi specialists. The reg no is PN60XBW. Mot history is ok. Thanks.
Service history is obviously a must. Check for any receipts for clutch etc if it’s a manual, depending on mileage.

Check all electrics when viewing the car, stereo, mmi, etc

I recently purchased a Black 2010 S5 Coupe Automatic, it’s been absolutely fantastic. Only had two owners with full history and 60k on the clock.

Do you definitely want the convertible? If not, I’d hold out for a Coupe with fewer owners personally, I think the S5 doesn’t look as good in Vert form, plus you don’t get that sweet sounding V8, something of a rarity these days.


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Car was in first class condition, however the TFSI gearbox hadnt been serviced until the car was 6 years old and had covered 47k miles so I left it. The sellers were very good to deal with and really it was my fault for not drilling down on the service history prior to travelling. I had asked about who had serviced the car but not the dates and mileages. Therefor still looking.


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They had a nice blue one before
The new owner is on Facebook pages

My budget doesn’t allow but I would like a s5 convertible

What others have you seen or good research?

What is the s tronic service interval, time or distant?


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Audi state it is essential that the S tronic gearbox is serviced every 38 thousand miles. I have looked at about a dozen all with full Audi service history and yet none have had the gearbox serviced anywhere near 38k and all but one have not had this service at all. Two garages are now arranging for this service to the vehicles they have for sale following my enquiries.
Now I may be an old cynic but owners are trusting Audi to look after their cars. Audi service departments must know the S tronic gearbox needs servicing at 38k. They do a separate service for this and there is a tick box in the service book for it. So why are they not doing it ? I don't believe anyone that gets their car serviced by Audi would not do the gearbox service for the £225 Audi charge if they were aware of it. Therefore would it be completely wrong to think Audi don't highlight this so if something goes wrong they can claim it's not a warranty claim because the owner never had the gearbox serviced as per recommended schedule. Further could third party warranty polices be void because of this?


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It is very likely that the dealers are recommending that the service be done (why wouldn't they?) but owners are declining. If the owner does not plan to keep the car then they choose to save that £225. Whilst the dealer knows the service should be done (or rather the techs do), when that owner is keen to get a new car instead the deal is done (getting a sale overrides everything). The dealer knows that they will be able to sell the car to an unsuspecting buyer. Yes there are some case reported on the forums where someone buys a car which missed its gearbox service, has a problem and then challenges the dealer who maybe provided a used car warranty even though the service had been missed. But those are rare and it is the owner who needs to make the effort to resolve the situation.

Caveat emptor

Further to that be warned. Yes the interval is 38K but the DL501 gearbox (at least the 1st two versions of it) have a history of problems, and some can be related to ageing oil. I'd suggest that 38K is too long.


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Hi all. As dav.a, I am also looking to buy a S5 (2007-2012 model).
I previously had a Golf R32 and wanted another one, but looking at the prices for a R32 I had noticed that they skyrocketed and I am looking for a manual S5. The problem is I can't fiind any quide what to look for . I know that the multimedia system, and the window regulators are prone to failure, and that some sport Audi's have a problem with carbon build up, but what about the diff, the engine chain/guides, manual gearbox ? What else should I be aware ?

Thanks in advance