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Had a nightmare with bailiffs yesterday, or rather my family did as i had already left for work.

In April this year I was in London subcontracting and had to enter the Congestion Charging zone. I made the company I was working for know that there would be a charge against my vehicle and I was told that they would pay it the same day before close of business.
I then receive a letter from London Congestion Charging stating that the charge had not been paid and I now owe £60 which would double to £120 if I fail to pay within a certain time frame. Again, I contacted the company I was subcontracting for and sent them copies of the letters which on receipt they informed me they would settle immediately. Guess what, they didn't pay the charge and the matter was passed from London CC to a bailiff company called Equita with the fine now increasing to £185.

I left my house at 5am yesterday morning and then at around 7.30/8am my girlfriend phones telling me that there has been a 'Bailiff Removal' letter pushed through the door stating that if no contact is made in the next 24 hours they will re-attend to impound my car/remove goods. About an hour later, without me having a chance to contact the company I was working for or contact the bailiff they turn up and clamp my car demanding £439 in total or it will be towed.

The London CC charge was £185 and the charge for the bailiff attending was £254.

I have learnt my lesson and pay the congestion charge out of my own pocket every time I go into London so don't tell me thats what I should have done :)

The fine has been paid in full by the company I was working for but I am not happy with how the bailiffs handled the situation.

What I want to know is:

1. Why didn't the bailiff give us the full 24 hours notice as stated on the removal letter to pay the £185 before turning up and clamping my car and then charging an extra £254, should they have given me more time? (They actually gave us just short of 2 hours to react to the removal letter)

2. They have scratched my o/s rear alloy with the wheel clamp. Could I claim for this?



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I think you may need to read the small print on the bailiffs letter clearly, as it may state that they will be in contact within the next 24hours, which can be very different, dont get me wrong, im not questioning your reading skills, but it could be there wording that could and often does catch people out..

Also, you could try claiming against the clamping company, but at the same time you could kick up a stink with the company you were working for, as if they did pay up as they said they would, none of this would have actually happened.....

It maybe worth speaking to the CAB and see if they can shed any light on the issue...

Hope that helps.


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thanks mate, the letter states:

'If you fail to contact me within the next 24 hours I will have no alternative but to re-attend your property at any hour of the day or night to impound your vehicle/remove goods.'

that to me means that I have 24 hours to make contact after which they will come back to execute the warrant, bearing in mind, the letter was posted by hand through the door some time between me leaving the house at 5am and my girlfriend seeing it at around 7.30am


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No such thing as clamping here in Scotland. I couldnt see myself keeping cool if they tried.