Help A4 not idling after fitting new turbo


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Mar 16, 2013
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Hi there all,
the story first, took the car for a long drive, oil sensor is faulty and was asking to check the oil level. Heard a rattle in the engine bay and took the car to a garage. They diagnosed it to being a blown head gasket, plumes of white smoke pouring from the exhausts but limped home. Got a pressure test on the coolant and got told it was the turbo and cat. Took the turbo off to find the exhaust turbine was broken at the shaft and pumping oil in to the exhaust.

Got a replacement turbo but it was a K03s and not the original k03 new CAT and front lambda sensor. All fitted and running fine, until I went for a run.....

Car was pulling well but the waste gate was chirping away, parked up let it idle, turned it off. Went to go out and the car won't idle, no management light on but shows 2fault codes, P0011 and P0340 both associated with the camshaft position sensor. Car starts revs, idles at 900rpm and dies within 5 seconds.

would a remap sort this or should I get a new camshaft sensor.

Any help is greatly appreciated, car is a Audi A4 1.8t Quattro 163bhp with a BFB engine code on a 52plate.
Not got much experience with Petrol vag engines but does sound like the kind of thing a camshaft or crankshaft sensor would cause, I think it'd be worth getting one of those first.
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Going to look at the vacuum pipes tomorrow

that error code you have means the Cambelt is on wrong! It's 1 tooth out. That'll cause bad idle and rough running... Suggest you take it back and get it sorted..
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Ok fitted a new camshaft sensor but still starting and dying off, I have disconnected the battery for now to try to reset the ecu. The car did idle for 1 minute but then died off, no fault codes coming up now but the code tool is showing a amber exclamation mark.

Any ideas anyone? really puzzled,
Was the throttle body disconnected / changed when the turbo was fitted?
I seem to remember something about these needing re-allignment through VCDS if they are unplugged.
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The cam sensor code is due to the belt being out a tooth as already explained. Recify that and come back to us.
Ok finally sorted the problem,

NOT the Timing being out!

ECU had detected a camshaft sensor fault which I replaced today, the P0340 code was generated by the ECU as a result of the P0011 code for the camshaft sensor.

Fault was with the air intake pipe on the turbo, the clip had come loose and the pipe had slipped off.

Thanks for all or the help in sorting the problem.

If you are in the uk ask me for a price of parts of any car, if I can I will do my best to beat like for like.
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