Help! A4 Avant B7 170 DPF Full but suspect this isn't the real problem


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Hi Guys,
My A4 Avant B7 170 has been out of action for nearly 2 weeks. Garage it's with have got 3 codes and can see that the DPF is full/blocked and obviously hasn't been regen-ing for some time. I've had the car since June last year and done 10k so don't think the DPF issue is a recent thing.

I do a relatively short motorway run to work & back daily, as well as longer motorway runs at the weekend.
I suspect the car had sat around for a while with the previous owner and did minimal mileage.

Fault codes for reference are;

But think these are all to do with the break-down event, no prior engine lights BUT I have experienced the dreaded B7 turbo/power drop issue since I bought the car which comes and goes maybe once or twice a week.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the DPF wouldn't be cleaning itself?