Help,,,A couple of questions about my A4 Quatro cabriolet !!


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Hi Guys,,,I recently bought an 06 Audi A4 Quatro. I was gob smacked with all the gadgety, untill I tried to use most ov it !!
I did go to Audi to ask "a few questions", but as soon as they realised I hadnt bought it from them, they didnt want to know !! So maybe someone out there can andwer them for me !
I Pod docking stn in the glove box,,Nothing registers when I plug my I Touch in !!
There is the phone button, but when going through the set up I cant find anything, is it likely that blue tooth isnt fitted ?
There is a "mode" button on the steering wheel. But when pressed it doesnt do anything.
I know all this is trivial stuff, but if it is all there why not use it,,,,if it is !
Many thanks in advance