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I own a B7 RS4 and just picked up a 2003 plate S3 to tidy up and run about daily in while I tidy up the RS4 over the rest of the year.

The s3 is totally standard for the time being 117k miles on it but parts are starting to wear.
I had a mk3 ibiza cupra that i put a hybrid turbo on many years ago but forgotten all about the 1.8t lay out so definitely have some questions.


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Hi, welcome to audi-sport.net. Post over in the A/S 3 section of the forum with any questions. Hope you enjoy the forum :)


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I personally LOVE the old 1.8T. I had an 03GTI w APR S Stage 3 and Water meth and stage 2 clutch and and...bulletproof motor I m o .

I m so new on here it may be odd to say but --------------------


I PLAN ON PICKING SOME BRAIN S !!!! if I do decide to do anything at all to my NEW (2010) A6. UIt s just so beautifully quiet smooth and I ve never had a VAG product w o tuning it.
I ve been watching some utubeage on the S3 and I had I not fell into this incredible deal on my A6 would be all over picking one up.

Now that I m fully retired I find myself regressing to my late teens and love it LOLOLOL it.