Hello, new member from North east of England! A4 advice needed!


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Hi all!

Just thought I'd quickly pop my head around the door to introduce myself, my name is Kev (no surprises there then!) I'm 25 years old and I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne.

I don't actually own an Audi atm, far from it infact, I'm from the Jap scene, I currently own a '96 BPU Toyota Supra twin turbo.

However, I'm looking into something a little more family oriented as my girlfriend is expecting our first child, something along the lines of an A4 would suit me quite well I think.

I've been looking for a replacement for my Supra twin turbo as I need a more family oriented car, though not specifically an Audi, I've looked at Honda Civics, http://www.audiforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=150051#accord's etc. and I've previously owned a 3.2 Vectra V6.

Whilst up at the place I bought my Supra this afternoon (Vine place sports and performance) I noticed a '52 plate A4 Quattro Sport 180 sitting in front of the showroom (2.5 TDi), I must admit I've never given them a 2nd glance before but it seemed literally loaded to the hilt with equipment including full heated leather, all electrics etc.

It even has plenty of m.o.t & fsh! The only thing that puts me off is the mileage , at 113,000 miles it's no virgin, however, I am sympathetic to the fact that it's an 8 year old car (even though IMO it doesn't look it as it's as clean as a whistle!)

I've done no digging with regards to price but TBH, one of the reasons I'm looking at this car as that the garage that is offering it offer exceptional customer service and really look after you! TBH I'd be looking to do a swap for my Supra that I've spent circa £3k on in the last 12 months since I bought it, maybe even get a little cash back, we'll see.

What do you VAG heads think of this car? Is the 2.5 TDi a tuneable motor? I've heard magical things about remaps for Audi's is 113,000 merely breaking in mileage for this sort of car (not literally of course) The car is not going to be a daily driver, I have a brand new transit for work, I'm after a smart, spacious, reliable saloon/hatchback that I can have a bit of a fettle with and ferry my new family around in safely and comforably

BTW, here is a link to the car...


Thanks in advance,



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welcome mate! im new too and from the Jap scene too! building a JDM Spec stripped out EK9 Type R for track days. Lush supra BTW!


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Sarah's A3

welcome and sure you will love this forum. We have a 2.5tdi and love it. Got it mapped at Chipped UK with a ST3 box and its fantastic. At the mo it has over 140K and no issues, its a smart car and smooth engine, ours is an A6 but same engine so at the mileage you have said, its just run in lol. Make sure it has good service history and cam belts etc done. Good luck, it looks a good buy but knock the price down.