hello, im new here.


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hi, i thought i would join this forum now that im picking up a 2000 Audi S3 over the weekend.

Been a VAG lover for many years and owned some stunning examples of german machinery from a mk1 gti to a mk2 g60 lhd. Since returning from traveling i wanted something more sophisticated then my mk2 16v that i sold before leaving.

Having considered the options, Leon cupra r, Mk4 golf Anniversary, bmw 330 sport i decided on the audi s3. i hope i have made the right decision, im sure i have, there is nothing in the price range that matches the s3 in quality, style, features and performance i think.

so hello, and i hope this is a friendly and knowledgeable forum, unlike other VAG forums i am member on.



Defo worth the wait :)
Welcome on board mate, good luck with the car, have you got a spec or any pics of the car, if so, please post up.


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Welcome buddy and enjoy. Good choice i would say and probably the majority of people here.


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Welcome to the site mate