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Hello from Yorkshire! (Need Buying Advice)

JoshC99 Jul 17, 2018

  1. JoshC99

    JoshC99 New Member

    Hi all, hope everyone is well!

    I'm looking at purchasing a Used Audi S1, no specific plate but preferably something with low miles; I have just got my first years no claims and my insurance are weirdly allowing me to insure an Audi S1 cheaper than my current first car which is 1 .6L Ford Fiesta Zetec S (118bhp)..I have no idea either!

    But, after watching reviews online and people's posts, I've heard sometimes the Audi S1's have a problem with the clutch...slipping etc. Anyone with an S1 had previous problems with this? Would love to hear any problems anyone seems to have/found with the S1 and if they would recommend it for my next car. An S3 Sportback would be what I'd want over the S1...but at triple the insurance price I'm thinking a year with the S1 then move onto the S3..let me know your thoughts guys and girls.

    Thank you!

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