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B9 Hello from New Owner

GrahamNME Sep 15, 2019

  1. GrahamNME

    GrahamNME New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Collected my RS4 Sport in Misano Red from local dealer last month. Ex demo, only 2 months old with 1,200 miles on it. Only went to take a look and after taking a test drive I put deposit down and collected a week later....crackin car.

    Took the neighbour out the other day and tried launch control, he decided to video it on his phone, take off was so quick he smacked himself in the face with his phone, so we had to try it again :laughing:

    Have updated the Sat Nav with speed camera POIs and getting Ghost-II fitted this week. Now, after reading a few posts on here am thinking about a JFA box and AVC, then think that will do for mods as I know from past experience its a slippery slope :tongueclosed:
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  3. vigor

    vigor Member

    Hi Graham, I have a 2018 RS4. I also have Ghost II fitted. I would like to know if you can use all the buttons such as steering wheel buttons? Also if you input the wrong code or try to start the car without a code, does the car throw up a load of fault codes and some things don’t work anymore until you do a VCDS reset? This is what happens to mine and I am not sure if it’s installed correctly, although it does prevent starting.

    additionally with the cold weather I noticed exhaust vapour only coming from the left side exhaust with the valves closed (I have the Audi sports exhaust). No exhaust comes out of the right pipe unless the valves are open. Even after a drive on the motorway with valves closed, the right pipe is cold, exhaust box 1/2 temperature of the left.

    Are you able to help confirm if yours does the same? The local Audi dealer Will need to book it in to answer my question!


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