Hello from Kent!


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Afternoon all,

I had an account briefly before (to browse articles for advice when buying my Avant) but figured it would probably pay to have a more permanent account now.

I've done a fair bit of work to the car over the last year, and can probably offer some help/advice/pointers to other folk who might be in need. Sharing is caring right?

I'm also looking to pick some members brains with regards to Apple Car Play options too.

So, hello once again! You're hands down the most helpful bunch of all the Audi Forums!

:Black B7:
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Welcome to ASN and looking forward to your contributions


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I'm in deal (near dover) already grabbed that name you put up from Instagram that cane get front grills thanks
Oh nice! I’m Rainham way :)

Awesome! He’s really helpful, he’s sourced a few bits for me (grille, plates, air fresheners, badges etc.) and usually cheaper than eBay!