Hello from Belfast!


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Hey everyone, I've recently picked up a 2005 A3 Sportback in a fairly basic spec. I wasn't looking to buy a car but this one came up very cheap so I bought it. Great car to drive, I'm impressed. I like to upgrade and retrofit stuff so that's what I'll be starting with pretty much straight away. I usually hang around in Subaru forums as I also have a Classic Impreza.

A few things I'd like to get on with are:
Cruise control
Front fogs
Xenon retrofit
Half leather seats

Any tips or help would be gratefully received!


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Welcome to audi-sport.net. Lots of info in the faqs thread in the A3 8p section. Any pics of the car? There is a meet in the small events section of the forum for Belfast Audi. Enjoy the forum. :)


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:sign welcome:

As Sandra said, there will be a upcoming meet at Belfast Audi. Hope you can make it.


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Welcome mate.