Hello .. First time of dipping my toes in the four rings!


Already posted elsewhere before here, but thought i'd say hello .. so .. Hello!

The wife's been an avid Audi driver for years (she took delivery of her new A3 S-Line back in July (having ordered it in January). My current car needs to go back in September next year, so with things the way they are I had to start looking for something new (I've had three Volvo V40's from new since 2012 and have always loved them - comfy, solid and reliable - but as Volvo have stopped making that, my eyes have been opened to other things). ..

My heads been in a spin for a while on what to do .. I looked at the new VW Golf Mk 8 R-Line, the Seat Leon FR (which I understand both use the same underlying frame), but the A3 just felt more "premium" for pretty much the same cost. So after persuading my other half to let me take hers for a spin, I was converted! Plus the work scheme I ordered it through, was too good a deal to pass by (that neither dealer I approached directly could match or get anywhere near). So same S-Line (35 TFSI 150), but I've chosen the Navarra Blue (as I think it looks fabulous), my first instinct was the Daytona Grey but as my current Volvo's not far off the same colour, I fancied a change and although i love the Black, we'd both have identical cars on the drive and that'd look a bit odd! I've also gone for the C&S pack and the next alloys up the standard, so they'll both look different enough.

So this will be my first ever Audi and very much looking forward to it .. I am sure it will be worth the looooooong wait.


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I've had Audi's got the past 25yrs, I'd be reluctant to go elsewhere. Just not sure how reliable current models are though.