Hello Audi-Sport.net!


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Hello all,

Well... its been a long time since i had to say hello as a newbie!! LOL!!

My names is RickT, Live in West Yorkshire, UK, got a A4 (B6)

Thought i would join this forum to help other members and share knowledge.. , im a Super Moderator on silmar site... audi-forums.com.... with over 1400 posts... (pls edit if you dont promote other sites, not had chance to read your T&C's)

im hear to join in the fun and use my knowledge to help others!

I welcome my self aboard!!

Thanks to all



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hello and welcome !


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Welcome to the site RickT look forward to reading posts


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Hey rick, i moved over from audi-forums and i never went back. This forum is soooo much better. Welcome!