Hello and some suspension advice please


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Hi first post :) I have been reading a lot of your modification threads and there are some great cars on here.

I recently picked up a great deal on a 2000 A3 1.8T to use as a track day car and am wondering if you guys have any recommendations for suspension setup for these cars.

I am not too bothered about road comfort and will use the car almost exclusively on track, however it does need to be road legal.

I was thinking of something like KW V2 and some decent ARB's to begin with. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment.


Also I have booked in for its test run at Oulton Park on 4th August, if you also know of any reliable suppliers that might carry stock of decent coilovers for quick delivery, I would appreciate that too. I want to get something done asap as the car is very soft at present.

Thanks for your advice

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Dpm is one of the best suppliers to use mate, their also one of the suppliers on here. Also you won't go wrong with kw vr 2, I've just bought a second hand set and its excellent quality, can't wait to fit it :).


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Is it a sole track car? If so why dont you strip it and put some cheap buckets seats init. If there electric youd be able to get of like 70kg and youll know about that.


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Ditch the rear seats too for more weight saving!


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Thanks guys, I am planning to take it out next month to get a view of it's potential, if it goes well I will do exactly as you suggest, the interior etc is coming out, however if it is not my cup of tea (I am used to RWD cars) then it will be moving along :)