Hello all - I'm back and in looking for an S3


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Jul 4, 2006
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Hi All

Back again, was on here virually half my life upto 2 years ago, I bought brand new 08 S3 which I had wanted for about 3 years, took delivery and had the pleasure of it for about 3 months, then had to sell for desparate reasons!!

Its taken me the 2 years to be in a position to be able to think about buying another one, and think this may be the time!!

Been into the dealers today and thinking about the spec, as the spec I want will not be easy to find secondhand?

Want facelift version with:

Pearl Black
Bucket Seats
Bluetooth Prep
Tinted rear windows
Parking Sensors

Torn between the manual and DSG, any thoughts on this??

Also don't want to pay Audi £1600 of my hard earned cash for SAT NAV, is there anywhere that retro fits this?? and what sort of money we looking at?

So, if anyone knows of a car like this that is currently available please let me know!


I think I remember you Lee, yes you can retrofit it, but the new ones come with the 2010 Nav which is alot better, but nice spec you've picked.
Yes N8 I did a fair bit of mithering last time I wanted one!!! lol

So can you retrofit the new ones then, or is it just the older ones?
You can retrofit either, the newer ones go for around £900 + but they are hard to come by the older ones are £400+, you would need to retrofit the newer chrome knobs though, NHN is your man for that.
N8, what is the score with tuning on here for S3's, had a look and can't seem to find much, is it in its own section now?
Thanks N8, I'll look into that at the time! 320 sounds good!!!!!!
N8, is it a smooth map, or is it quite aggressive? I had an APR on my last S3, but heard the GIAC was more aggressive and liked the idea of that.
If you want aggressive and the opportunity to tune in stages then it's Revo you want, I've tried pretty much all of the market leaders to date and Revo is the ultimate mapper for the S3, everything is tried and tested and I would say ran by the majoity on here, it will cost you around £150 more but money well spent, each subsequent stage is an additional £50 ending in Stage 2+ with a claimed 350 - 370bhp :)

Welcome back, you have gone for the perfect spec - see my sig LOL !!
Hi Spin

Thanks for that, yes I've also heard a lot about Revo, and yes I will be taking it to the hilt over time i.e stage 2+ ideally!

Yes, good choice eh!!! lol

I am also torn over getting the SatNav as had it in the last one, think I'll regret it if I don't, I know you can retro fit, but is it exactly the same as a factory fit?

Also DSG, hearing a lot of good things about it, has an M3 with it on, and it was the worst experience I had with a car realy clunky and unresponsive, but hear Audi have it spot on??

Decisions decisions !!! Also another 3K for those 2 options! OUCH££££££££££

Do you have any Pics of yours knocking about on the forum??


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