hello all im a newby and need some good advice on low boost levels. much appreciated!


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Boost gauge plumbed in wrong. There is a how to , just use the search bar on top right of homepage.....

Or duff boost gauge , can you try it on a mates?



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Everything plumbed up fine naw. But still on the boost gauge its only showing 5psi. But its oviously not that as i can tell its boosting alot more naw

Fault codes!!! :)



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ok fellas i know you all like codes but i cant get any at the minute. I still need your help. My boost gauge still isnt working how it should.

so i have draw a diagram of the setup of the pipe work. Its know not idea for you lads but just take quick look and see what you think.
s3 setup.jpg


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First of all put the FPR on its own feed and split the pipe to DV for your boost feed...

Unknown breather?? is it connected to anything? that should go to the crankcase breathing system