Heeeeelllllppppp S4 Clutch issue?


It's my birthday
Hi all

relatively ignorant to audi and the S4 in general but what a car!, anyway please excuse any ignorance I may put forward, its my first message bar the hello.

Im having some issues with my car, yesterday it was tricky as hell to get into gear. but once warmed up went back to its super slick use!. However this morning the box didn't want to know, with the clutch fully depressed the car wouldn't go into any gear, and trying to force it just made the car slowly pull forwards.

Again once warmed up it got better but this time its crunching into gears, what im finding odd is the fact the car pulls fine with no slip at all in gears, the bite point though is on the floor.

Any ideas or do I need a clutch im hoping im just being a noob and its a simply adjustment or something that can be made, but right now I fear im staring down the barrel of a shotgun loaded with clutch parts and heavy duty receipt paper!.

Any idea what a clutch replacement is likely to cost. ?


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could be a couple of issues
check that you dont have any leaks under the car , possibly clutch hydraulic leaks which would give the sensation of a terrible biting point
crunching gears sounds like syncros in gearbox are going
also check the clutch cable where it goes into the gearbox itself and make sure its held in place properly


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Try put it in gear before your turn it on then try pull away ... sounds like you need to bleed your Clutch to get the air out .. or you might have a split hose letting air in


It's my birthday
Thanks for all the feedback guys, I don't seem to have an obvious leak, I will get her booked into a specialist to have a look.