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Does anybody know what the score is with the new smart motorways and the gantries? I was driving through last night on the M62 near Rochdale at about 5.45pm at between 50-55mph and the camera flashed when the signs were saying 50. Now im panicking that the camera got me. Im almost sure that it was infact the BMW moving at speed infront of me in the next lane that was caught. But ive searched google and dont have a definitive answers whether there is any tolerance on them.

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I have been told that when showing a reduced speed limit I.E 40 Mph, / 50mph the cameras are set at 2Mph over that limit

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Greaaaaaat! Looks like im gonna have an early Christmas pressie soon then :culpability:

I hope in this case, youre wrong.

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General rule I believe is 10% of Speed limit +2 mph on hand held cameras, not sure of fixed. So in a 50 mph, fingers crossed, you should be fine below 57mph.


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Did it flash twice? If they don't get 2 photos clearly showing your plate in both photos you will be ok.

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No idea tbh. I was busy looking at my speedo to ensure i was within the limit. Im sure ive gone through them faster at the same speed before and nothing. But from then it was a quick flash, looked up, saw the BMW giving it welly and then it flashed about 3 secs later when another car was obviously over the 50.

There's a lot on the 10mph rule. Its a guide for police forces to penalise i believe


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Fingers crossed for you mate, not sure if it applies but on my motorbike I went through a red light that had a camera on it as I couldn't stop in time and people were suggesting a way of getting around it was saying you were not sure who was driving (and/or plates being cloned etc), guess this probably depends on the picture.

Luckily nothing ended up coming through the door and I'm not sure if I was really up to bending the rules if it did but could be an option.