Heavy kirb damage n/s rear advice needed


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Apr 12, 2011
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Hiya, basically I have been in for 4 wheel alignment today and the results are that the rear n/s wheel has had some heavy kirb damage, ( I was aware of this when I bought the car) when you look at the wheel from the back of the car the bottom of the wheel is ever so slightly in and the top is out. ( not sure if thats toe in or out) basically the geezer advised that it can't be adjusted and that I should first replace the "trailing arm and hub" to see if it brings it into line.

Does this sound like good advice or has anyone got any other ideas?

Take the Wheel off and look at your tie arms theres 2 that come away from the hub, they are very weak on the hub side and can buckle, the damage if any will be plain to see
Those have been replaced by the previous owner mate
OK, i would change the trailing arm then and centralize the chassis as it could have moved, other than that you can put adjustable arms on to bring it back, but it would be masking an underlying problem, and i would not do that until it is of factory tolerance.
do you automatically centralise the chassis when changing the trailing arm?
Yeah id whip the wheel off and check any suspension part for signs of bends or misalignment. Should be fairly obvious once youre in about it all.
no it needs measuring from set points on the car....

how exactly is this done mate is it a diy job or specialist? I have the alignment report in front of me....
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You can do it yourself, just find a set point like the sill or wheel arch and measure the subframe to them points both ways..if its out slacken the bolts off and move it....

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