Help Please Heater Timer??

Neil Wilkinson

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Been having a playing with the carista dongle and stumbled across what I assume is a heart timer so you can set it to come on say on a frosty morning however can’t for the life of me figure out how it works! Has anyone got this and know where I’m going wrong? I’ve attached a few pics for info



Drive It Like You Stole It
I’d guess that it won’t work unless your car has an auxiliary heater fitted. I think they’re fitted in cold climates and put warm air out far faster than the traditional heater.

Neil Wilkinson

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This may be possible, though I’m sure I read somewhere you can set the heater to come on to defrost/warm car before you get in it, hence the timer.

Neil Wilkinson

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I’ve had the bonnet open many times and can’t see any sort of heater, oh well it was just a menu I enabled with carista app so nothing lost really. Thanks for your help guys


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I have this activated on my car from VCDS…..First of all, you have no heater so this won’t work or give you any use in the winter.

What can be useful though, is the ventilation in the summer. I use it to keep the fans going for up to an hour when I’ve left the car, or set the timer for the fans to start 30mins before I’m due back to the car, I say fans as the climate control comes on, but there is no actual air-con without the engine on obviously. But it can just take the edge off getting into a baking hot car on a summer day.

Aux-heating = no use.

Aux Vent: Set to on when you leave the car (running time below is how long it will stay on for)

Set timer: Set a date and time for the fans to kick in when you are away from the car (running time again is how long they stay on for) although annoyingly you can only set and use 1 timer at once, making having 3 a bit pointless..

When the timer is set, it will only actually trigger if the car temperature is warmer than the climate control temperature as well