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Heater not working drivers side?

thesmileyone Aug 30, 2020

  1. thesmileyone

    thesmileyone Registered User

    Wow I didn't expect a 6 month old, ~9k mile car to go wrong already.

    But anyway I found out recently my heater doesn't work on my b9 a5 coupe. Or rather it only works on the passenger side. Drivers side blows ice cold air no matter what you do, only way to stop it is turn off the HVAC completely which then steams up the inside of the car.

    Booked in under warranty in 2 weeks just wondering if there's a quick fix for this for the 2 weeks I gotta wait as it's cold at night and I'm sat in my car shivering, though at least the heated seats still work. I wouldn't mind if I could reverse it ie it only blows heat for now at me atleast then I can drive with my windows open?

    There's also a load of small niggles it's booked in for and that alternator recall, I hope anyway (shows up as needing it on DVLA site).

    Honestly I feel like build quality has dropped in the last decade like cars are only built to last 3 years or so (when peoples finance runs out) probably encouraged by that "scrappage scheme" kinda tempted to just sell it and get a B7 RS4 instead tbh.
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  3. Buck

    Buck Registered User

    Not heard of that issue before so hope it is a quick fix!
    Only work around is to shut that vent and point the passenger ones at you!

    Does it make any difference if you have the aircon pointing to the foot wells or the windscreen?
  4. S32B

    S32B Registered User

    Sounds daft i know...But check all of your dials in the middle are set correctly...I thought mine was broke a while back then noticed I had altered the options in the middle whilst cleaning and not noticed....simple thing to do and very embarrassing if you take it in and find out it's that!

    I think I'd knocked the driver's side to only blow to the floor whilst passenger was up top! Normally I have it set to do the same both sides...think it's just sync...either way it had gone off sync.
  5. thesmileyone

    thesmileyone Registered User

    Can't shut the vent, it's the large one above the glovebox and the one below the windscreen that blows hot air. All the others, including the footwells, blow ice cold air. I shut the drivers vents but you still get zapped by the window-dashboard vents :/

    Tried all the settings, all the different types of combinations to no avail. What seemed to have broken it was changing the top setting to "open" during the heatwave we had 2 weeks ago. I think it's the internal vent motors.

    I've heard gurgling noises inc when the engine is turned off, too. Glad it's under warranty...

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