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Heater matrix

Phil jessop Oct 5, 2020

  1. Phil jessop

    Phil jessop New Member

    i own a 2016 A4 avant 2.0 petrol which i bought 2019 from an audi garage one owner 8.000 miles, i decided to take the car into a local audi garage for a interim service, when i collected the car on the same day as i took in the assistant said the the water level was low & there is a water leak from the heater matrix & its a long job to replace the cost will be £1.050 which i was staggered with the cost they will need the car for much of the day so obviously a job that will take a few hours, to be honest since ive owned the car i have not checked the level, the temperature gauge is on normal & there are no leaks in the cab area, i have now driven the car for a month since they told me & covered around 1500 miles in that time, i checked the level yesterday & the level is still the same. What do you guys think as im thinking they are trying it on.
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  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Heater matrix is behind the dash & it's a pain to do tbh if it's not detachable separately from the main unit that's also connected through the firewall, means remove gases, swap out & refit, regas.

    However if it's not moved an inch & nothing wet, then kinda needs explaining by them or decide for yourself where they're morality line is or lack of one.
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  4. smog c6

    smog c6 Registered User

    If you’ve driven for 1500 miles without any visible reduction in coolant I very much doubt there is a leak there.

    Check the level on a cold morning. if you want a full proof test take a long drive, an hour or two with the heater set to HI, roll down the windows if it’s getting uncomfortable, then check the level the next day when it’s cold again.

    if there’s no drop the leak is either not there or negligible.
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  5. jds_sg

    jds_sg Registered User

    Armed with this valuable insight I would question why they think the heater matrix is leaking, especially if you've not noticed a level drop and no moisture in the footwell, etc.
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  6. Phil jessop

    Phil jessop New Member

    Thanks guys for your answers, another week has past & no coolant drop, I phoned the Audi garage & questioned what they told me & their ridiculous quote & the guy just laughed when i said to him ..I don't think so.
    What i did not mention was that my spare key was not working properly & would only work if i laid this on the security pad , this is still under warranty till next june so they checked the key & said they will order another then they will get me in with the car & they will programme the new key, I phoned them up last week & was told its not in yet, I think i need to shame Motorline Maidstone Audi

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