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Heater matrix recall post problems!

Phaser Nov 16, 2018

  1. Phaser

    Phaser New Member Audi A4

    Hi i recently received a letter from audi saying that my auxilary heater element needed replacing due to risk of burning components.

    I took it in on the 8/11/2018 since then on heating settings 4-5 i can hear a rattling noise only on settings 4-5. Also between settings 6-12 going up there is noise, sounds like coming from the engine and as i turn it up it gets louder and louder surely this is not normal has anyone else had this update done and experienced similar issues? If so did audi rectify it under the heating element warranty ?
    As i have just rang them to book in and have a look at it and the woman on the phone saying they will charge me if its not down to them... well it was fine before they replaced the heater matrix i wish i hadn't bothered now.

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