Heater (climate control not working)

Shaun todd

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Sep 2, 2017
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Hi there please could someone shed some light on thus issue I'm having.
Basically my climate control unit is no longer working, it all lights up as it should do and says off in the two lcd displays. But the buttons want work.. The rear windscreen button and front button worked this morning with the front windscreen blower working but only cold air produced. Then later on today nothing is working fuses are fine and it's all still illuminated. Could it be the unit or the control valve or the fan I'm stumbled I haven't had chance to do a diagnostics test but will do tonight ..
Any help much appreciated
best advice is to connect VCDS to it to check for any faults
Got this working after realising if list its coding for some reason. But my other issue I have now is it doesn't display on the mmi display anymore. This as only happened since I replaced my mmi interface box over as I needed one with fbas (video in for reverse cam)

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