Heater blowing cold air!


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The heater in my car is blowing cold air, after reading a few posts on various forums I changed the thermostat which helped keeping the engine temperature at a normal level but the air coming from the heater is still cold.

I have read it might be the heater matrix or the connections at each end, do any of you have an easy way to check the connections without dismantling the entire dashboard? Or maybe you have any other suggestions...

Thank you :sos:


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Did you have the heater on full temp with ignition on when refilling/bleeding the system? if not empty half out and try again..leave the cap off and give it a few revs then put the cap on to pressurise


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^ What he said.... lol.


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Thank you for your help, I will try it this weekend and then I will let you know if it resolved the problem!!!


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i had the exact same problem dude. for me i changed the coolant temp sender, and then secondly the thermostat: making sure the system has been bled is 100% the next port of call!