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Hi, I’m having big issues with my heater for 11 months and despite been to Audi 3 times, replacing the blower and resistors twice I still have the same issues, perhaps even worse and am begging for help from people like you who live and love Audi.

the issues are not consistent and do not show any common denominator. Some of the things happenening are:
1. After I turn off the ignition or after I lock up the car the blower comes on and off intermittently or doesn’t turn off at all if it’s on when I park up. Again this is the heater blower fan and not any other fan associated with the DPF etc.
2. When driving despite controls saying all heaters and coolers are off it can be on full blast allowing g no control by me unless if I’m lucky I pull in and restart the car.
3. When on the controls tend to Only work once or twice each journey after that this ghost takes over.
4. Windscreen dogs up on cold or wet days as blower keeps blowing hot air on a cold windscreen.
5. Blows how when should be cold or vise versa or sometimes the fan speed controls don’t work.

This can be very frustrating when the system
Is turned off but blowing hot air at full speed or windscreen so fogged ip it’s undriveable. It seems nobody has experienced this before and Audi Waterford are a pleasure to deal with but are scratching their heads.

I have attached some photos of the errors raised if they help!



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Tbh with so many common faults, my 1st call would be the climate unit as you've changed the blower, what about this unit?