Heated seat element failure - anybody else had this?


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As per topic really,

It has been cold since the back end of last year but didn't notice the heater element had gone until on the run upto Christmas after having a courtesy car which had a working heated seat

It's been to audi to claim off the warranty but they have rejected it so far on the grounds of it being "wiring" or a "connector" as its made up of braided wire, I just wondered if anybody else had had a heated seat element failure as I've never had a heated seat fail before - I've had alot of second hand cars with heated seats and they were all fine.



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Yes they do occasionally fail, a4 b6, 7 chassis mostly known of, one of those things.

If you want it repaired, give me a shout as I'm sure audi will charge a hellnof allot per hour & its a fun job for sure.