Heated rear window & mirrors kaput


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2011 - Audi A3 2.0TDI quattro sportback 170 -

Guys, my heated rear window and heated mirrors have stopped working.
The amber light in the switch still comes on. I've checked fuse 25 (30 amp) and it's ok.

Any ideas where to start ?




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Wouldve say check the loom in the trunkhinge. Sometimes cables break due to getting stuck.


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If it was just the HRW, I'd agree. But no heated mirrors either so it's got to be something common to both.


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Common would be relay & climate.


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Battery in good condition? I found when my original battery was on its last legs I didn’t seem to get heated mirrors or rear screen defrost when very cold, same with stop start. New batt and a few runs and it was ok, also had a prod at a few of the relays behind the fuse box not sure which of those worked but the combo did. Relay may have worked it’s way out i pushed one in a few millimetres that had worked out.