Heated rear screen fault?


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not really had a chance to use this since i had the car since april
car was covered in rain mist parked outside the station thought i put on the heated rear screen on the way home.
it my old B5 took no time at all to start heating up.

how long can you notice when the heated screen starts to demist?

not sure if i have a fault


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Could notice mine starting to have an effect after about 5 mins this morning. (Avant) However I think it goes off after about 10mins so need to press switch again or long press I think. It is probably less powerful than the older ones to help with efficiency.

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The rear screen heater demister is more advanced than the ones found in other cars as it is also temperature governed but this time of year the air is extremely humid, around 90-95%, thus it will take longer.
To get the heater on for longer press and hold the button for over three secs, then the heater will remain on until you turn off the engine.


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Thanks guys I’ll wait till it’s colder to test it out


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Same 'issue' for me this morning. Seemed to take an age to clear itself, but sounds like it's just the way its designed. Didn't have an issue with it last winter during the frosty mornings