heated mirrors


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May be a dumb question staring me in the face
But off the top of my head

On replacing my mirror indicators a few weeks ago with sweeping/ dynamic lights i noticed my mirrors are plugged into the wiring and have a heating element on mirrors.

Now the winter is here i dont think they work as the dewpoint or the frost doesnt clear anytime soon if at all.

Have i not got the option on a generic fitment?, are they automatic? do they only come on with rear screen heat or another button? are mirror elements just done? i dont fancy stripping mirror again to take voltage readings .

just something that im now noticing

Older cars ive had, have had a button at the mirror controls



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to be honest, I did not even know they came on with the rear screen. The way I've always known it to be is to have the swivel for the mirror in the middle - so not to adjust left or right but in the middle. Pretty sure theres a icon/sign to suggest its heating position too


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They come on automatically whenever you have the mirror position button in the central (heated position) when the temp is below a certain level.

Not attached to rear screen element.



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ah ok ta
always on left position for my mirror dip function to work
actually leaned forward and looked at the switch and it indeed does have a graphic suggesting heated mirror but i thought i had a lesser non click button