heated mirrors not working.


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Can anyone help? I have a 1998 A4 and have noticed with all the frost around my mirrors do not demist. I take it that they will heat up when the heated rear window is on? I have checked the fuses and they look ok - everything else in the car works fine. The Haynes manual shows a 10Amp fuse located within the heated rear window switch. Can anyone confirm this. If so, how can I get to the fuse without damaging the facia/plastics? I don't believe it is a problem with the elements in the mirrors as they both do not work, i can however check with a resistance meter. Any ideas??????


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I'd check with an Ohmmeter mate. Also while you have the mirror out you could check that the power is getting through using a voltmeter.

It is a common fault on lots of audis.

Funny you should mention it actually, mine weren't working this morning either (both)

I had the ones done on my old A4 2.8Q under warranty.

Hope this helps.


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I had the same on my A4. I believe it's because the mirrors are actually heated all the time (this was changed on later models), so they usually pack up in a year or two. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif


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Yep on earlier models they were on all the time hence in the Summer they burnt out. Daft!

Had 3 or 4 sets under warranty on my 96 A4. Last set included a thermostat built in to the mirror that turn off above a certain (low) temperature. These lasted until I sold the car.

Neither of the heated mirrors work on my 99 S4, but they are being replaced under warranty.



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Well I must be lucky /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif My Drivers side one works but the passenger doesnt /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif Guess I will just get two from VAG Parts and get a drivers side with a blindspot mirror built in.



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Yup - I've got the problem too, only my passenger side mirror works and the driver's side doesn't. Would be more useful if it was the other way round! Still she's in for a service soon and I'm still on my 'Approved' warranty so I hope they'll sort it under that.


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I have a '96 A4 and neithe rof mine were working, so I brought a pair from Audispares (as they were) left em in the garage for a few months before getting around to fitting them.

But when I did (easy job took 5 minutes) I noticed that they only come on when the rear screen is on - I have tested this thouroughly and did some checking and there is a simple mod that you can do to change it from being on all the time to only when the heated screen is on - but I can't remember what it is!

I think it used to be in the technical section, but I am sure it can be found on Audiworld.