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Dave Hedgehog

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Before Audi look into my intermittent loss of gears fault they want my car in to inspect for modifications incl an ecu change ...

So all you guys with mods be careful

I would rather they fix the truly awful brakes they put on it tbh


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I can tell you now, ANY warranty work required will mean the entire car is scanned, car will be rejected if anything is found on ECU other than what they expect to see

You had/having problems already?

Guess even if anyone goes back to APR to have the file removed Audi will still be able to tell??


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all i am willing to say is yes to the above question, having been lucky to get a lot of help with my situation I'm not going to start saying anything which would effect reputations etc..


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I've been slapped down on other threads for saying this before but modifying comes with potential costs in the short term and if you want my opinion always higher costs (even if just tyres/pads/discs/fluids etc) in the long run. These are perennial forum questions:

Can the dealer tell I've modified the car: yes it seems they can via various methods.

Do I need to tell my insurer: yes you do, you'd be crazy to drive a £40K+ car and not tell them. The consequences of a major on road bump and no insurance don't bear thinking about. For track days I carry my own risk and that is my choice to do so.

I don't think we can realistically expect Audi to pick up the costs caused by modifying. I'd hope the remappers, APR in my case as you know, would be good to their word and reputation and help solve any problems.

The interesting thing is different manufacturers take such different stances:

Renault have the best attitude - yes I know rubbish French cars blah blah but then they do arrange official track days and the warranty stands at these. I had the front discs replaced on my R26.R under warranty when they warped and cracked and Renault UK knew exactly how it happened because they were there at the time. By the time I got home from the track the new discs were waiting at the dealer ready to be fitted.

Subaru would say "it's not modified is it?" with a wink. Mitsubishi used to chuckle at the state of my tyres when the car went in for service "it looks like you've melted the tyres" actually I'd just got them quite hot and then picked up the marbles at the end of a day at Pembrey chasing my mate in his Exige. I never needed any major warranty work but nothing was ever said about the modifications either.

Audi seem to be taking the jobsworth line and rejecting anything they can. Who knows maybe they've been caught out by a few big cost warranty claims and clamped down? I left the APR stickers on my car for service and nothing was said. My car and number plate is all over this site and YouTube so not much point hiding the fact it's mapped. Better to just be honest about things imo.

Westfield - who build and market cars for the track are far worse. They responded to warranty claims with the proverbial finger using '"it's been on track" and "driving style" to reject everything!

Nick Trott the Editor of evo magazine wrote a good note this month about the similar dilemma of buying and owning an older performance car. He pretty much ignored all the buying advice evo print when buying his 1982 Porsche 911 SC including this: "ensure you can afford to run, service and fix the car should anything go wrong so that you can continue driving and enjoying it."

I'll finish by saying I approach any modifications and track running in the same way, if the warranty covers it that is a bonus but I far from expect it. I will live if you all decide to tell me I'm wrong!


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My car is totally stock but Audi want to me to take the car in to read the ECU (s).
Apparently they need to plug in and upload a file to Audi to determine if it needs re programming for an upgrade.
its in on Thursday l so I'll let you know what they say.